Fun Texas facts
    Texas facts

    How did Texas get its name?

    The name 'Texas' came from the Caddo Indian word 'tayshas' meaning “friends” or “allies”. The Spanish pronounced it as 'tejas' and the English settlers pronounced it as Texas.
    Fun Texas facts

    Texas facts
    5-for-1 proposition
    Texas was an independent republic before it joined the Union as the biggest state by area (221 times bigger than the smallest state, Rhode Island) The document that admitted Texas into the Union allows for its possible future division into five states. The 5-for-1 proposition is embodied in the March 1, 1845, Congressional Joint Resolution for Annexing Texas to the United States. The resolution allows for new states “of convenient size,” not to exceed four, to be carved out of Texas.

    Texas fun facts
    Texas facts
    Everything's big in Texas
    Texas has the largest state capitol building in the United States. In 1888, when it was completed, the capitol building was billed as "The Seventh Largest Building in the World." The builders, John V. Farwell and Charles B. Farwell, were paid with three million acres of land.
    Fun facts about Texas
    Six different flags have flown over Texas during its history. Though Native American lived for thousands of years before the arrival of European explorers, they did not use any flags to claim the territory.
    Six Flags over Texas
    Six flags over Texas
    Spain 1519 – 1821
    Mexico 1821 – 1836
    France 1685 – 1690
    Rep. of Texas 1836 – 1845
    Confederacy 1861 – 1865
    USA 1845 – 1861
    1865 – present
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    Texas facts